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Top 10 Things to Do in Phoenix: An Unforgettable Adventure

Welcome to Phoenix, Arizona – an unforgettable journey awaits you here! Renowned for its scenic landscapes, cultural attractions, and warm climate, Phoenix provides visitors of all kinds an array of experiences designed to satisfy them during their travels here. Whether your passion lies outdoors, history, or food-wise – Phoenix has something special waiting just for you here. In this guide, we’ll go over 10 things you should do while RV rentals in Phoenix or campervan rentals can enhance the adventure for the experience to make this trip truly unforgettable. Ready? So, buckle up! Let the adventure begin – it won’t disappoint! 

Things To Do in Phoenix with RV Rentals In Phoenix 

Here is the top list of things to do in Phoenix when renting RVs.

1. Explore the Desert Botanical Garden:

Start off your Phoenix exploration by making time to visit this sprawling botanical garden covering 140 acres, home to an astounding collection of desert plants from across the globe. Stroll along scenic pathways while learning about their special flora while admiring Phoenix’ arid beauty – RV rentals give you all this and more, giving you complete flexibility at your own pace as you experience this great outdoor attraction!

2. Hike Camelback Mountain:

Calling all hiking enthusiasts! No visit to Phoenix would be complete without ascending Camelback Mountain with its iconic kneeling camel hump resembling Cholla Trail or Echo Canyon Trail and reaching its summit, offering breathtaking panoramic views of both Phoenix city center and the Sonoran Desert beyond. Consider renting a camper van so that both yourself and your hiking gear are safely delivered here for this iconic hike!

3. Learn About Native American Culture at Heard Museum: 

Exploring the rich cultural history of the Southwest requires visiting Heard Museum. Showcasing artifacts, textiles, and contemporary artwork related to Native American tribes’ vibrant traditions is made even easier through exhibits and live performances at this impressive collection of artifacts, textiles, and contemporary artworks that house it. Traveling via RV gives an added advantage as souvenirs or art pieces may need collecting along the way!

4. Explore Phoenix Art Museum: 

Art enthusiasts will delight in wandering through Phoenix Art Museum’s impressive global art collection that spans multiple genres and eras – classic to contemporary works await their admirers here! Park your RV nearby and spend a day immersing yourself in this ode to beauty while experiencing art firsthand!

5. Discover History at Pueblo Grande Museum: 

Experience Phoenix’s ancient past at Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park with RV rentals in Phoenix for easy access. This pre-Columbian archaeological site showcases Hohokam village remnants dating back 1,500 years; artifacts can also provide insights into life of Native American communities of that period. You’ll appreciate their cultural importance too!

6. Visit the Musical Instrument Museum: 

For an incredible and rewarding experience, head over to the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM). This extraordinary museum boasts an expansive collection of instruments from around the globe; rare instruments can even be rented. With camper van travel being an option too, impromptu jam sessions become part of your unforgettable adventure!

7. Head South Mountain Park and Preserve for an idyllic city escape: 

it boasts more than 51 miles of trails for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding – plus amazing panoramic views over Phoenix and its valleys! Camper van rentals allow visitors the freedom to stay overnight at South Mountain Park and Preserve allowing you to witness beautiful sunsets and starry nights as part of an incredible Phoenix experience!

8. Experience Wildlife at the Phoenix Zoo:

A popular family attraction not to miss is Phoenix Zoo, home of over 3,000 endangered animal species that offers an educational and entertaining experience for visitors of all ages. Discover themed exhibits, feed the animals during feeding sessions, and spend a fun-filled day discovering all there is. RV rentals make accessing this family-friendly destination convenient, offering everyone an enjoyable outing experience!

9. Explore Old Town Scottsdale: 

Discover Old Town Scottsdale’s charming character! This historic district brims with art galleries, boutiques, restaurants, and lively nightlife; stroll the streets admiring art installations or indulge in retail therapy before opting for camper van rentals to experience Scottsdale’s distinct atmosphere first-hand!

10. Visit the Arizona Science Center:

Finally, the Arizona Science Center offers something to thrill science fans of all ages – this interactive museum boasts hands-on exhibits, planetarium shows and educational programs to make learning enjoyable and captivating for children as well as adults – making an RV rental in Phoenix essential if you plan to spend multiple days exploring everything this museum has to offer!


Phoenix, Arizona is an exciting fusion of natural beauty, cultural richness and modern amenities that promises an exciting adventure that caters specifically to you and your interests and passions. RVThereyet makes exploring this vibrant city easier – pack your bags, hit the road and create lasting memories in this captivating southwestern oasis – happy travels!

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